Since 2008, XP Services has provided everything from flight testing and flight training to avionics modernization for a wide range of government and commercial clients. Our commitment is the development of next generation aviators and aviation technologies.

With XP Services, your aviation challenges are turned into solutions developed by top tier pilots, technicians, and maintenance staff. Nearly all of our professionals are veterans of the armed forces with well over 100 years of military and special operations experience.
This is how we help you accomplish your mission.

Rodney Allison, President & CEO, XP Services

rodney allison xp services portraitRodney Allison, President & CEO
A graduate of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School with 20+ years of U.S. Army Special Operations aviation experience, Mr. Allison maintains over 20 FAA type certificates in both rotary and fixed wing aircraft, has 10,000+ flight hours, and is qualified in over 140 different aircraft. He also holds current Airline Transport Pilot, Flight Engineer, and Certified Flight Instructor Certification and is a FAA Designated Engineering Representative as well as a member of The Society of Experimental Test Pilots.

Mr. Allison has held a DoD Top Secret–Special Compartmented Information (TS-SCI) clearance and currently holds a DoD Secret clearance. He is also a former research professor at the University of Tennessee Space Institute and a current federal LEO. Mr. Allison earned a Bachelor of Science, Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a Master of Science from the University of Tennessee Space Institute.


xp services logoXP Services has a powerful capabilities reputation within the aviation services category. It’s evident in everything from our avionics modernization to flight testing services. This strength is represented in our logo. It’s purposely shaped to have a feel of inherent strength and efficiency.

The bold and impactful type design of the “XP” letters as well as both a fixed wing/rotor design depicting multiple types of aircraft. This represents our complete range of aviation expertise and is made even more prominent by a deep red color reflective of the energy we put into every project to achieve success.

When we lost Rucie Moore all too soon in 2019, his legacy of love for aviation was preserved within his design for our original company logo. It symbolizes his passion for flight and to never stop growing both professionally and personally. We’ve expanded his inspiration through a logo evolution that all began with Rucie and will never be forgotten.

Rucie Moore,
U.S. Army Apache pilot and
XP Services test pilot