Full Service Flight Test and Support
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Our UAS surrogates provide critical services and a training capability within the United States National Airspace Sytem (NAS) and internationally where the need for restricted airspace limits the use of real umanned assets.  We provide the highest quality sensors and latest downlink technology to provide video and metadata to other manned aircraft or ground users equipped with remote viewing systems such as the One System Remote Video Terminal (OSRVT) or E-ROVER systems.

Our surrogates are ideal for:
​- Providing Manned-Unmanned (MUM) Teaming
 . Individual or Collective Training
. Interoperability Levels 2 - 4 Available
​- Law Enforcement Surveillance

Fixed and Rotary Wing Platforms available. 
Military Qualified Test Pilots
​​Flight Test Engineers
​Chase aircraft available
​(C-90, L-39, OH-58) 
​FAA DER/DAR Support
​Test Planning
Test Conduct
​Data Analysis/Review
​Quality Technical Reports 

Our highly experienced staff is teamed with both state and private universities to provide instruction on different aspects of engineering and experimental flight test. The short courses include academic and flight labs.

Short Courses Available Include: Aeronautical Design Standard (ADS)-33

- ​Helicopter Familiarization
- Stability and Control (Rotary or Fixed Wing)
- ​Performance (Rotary or Fixed Wing)

Additional instructional services are available for Pilot, Mission Equipment Operators, and Maintainers. Services available on site at our Tullahoma, TN facility or your location.
XP Services' primary mission is to provide affordable, responsive developmental flight test services. We are eXPerts in flight test, civil and military airworthiness providing any level of flight test support; from rapid-prototyping to full up airworthiness qualification.

Flight Test Services


XP Services - NOW an affiliate location of Sarasota Avionics!

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  • Limited Airframe
  • Limited Powerplant
  • Limited Radio
  • Limited Instrument

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"XP Services is the perfect solution for companies that require less than full-time flight test capability or don't want the expense of maintaining a full time flight test department of their own."