XP Services is pleased to offer the following unique products:

- Flight Test Instrumentation Air-data head Yaw and Pitch Sensors (YAPS).

- Sensor Mounts

- Mass and Drag Simulators

- Multipurpose Pod


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Yaw and Pitch Sensors (YAPS)
- Suitable for fixed or rotary wing applications (subsonic <0.8M (est. because of swivel head)
- Swivel head for static and dynamic pressure measurement: +/-30 deg p/y. 
- Pressure sensors may be either analog or digital.
- Total temperature probe.
- AOA/AOS vanes. 
- Bearing-supported vanes accommodate either analog potentiometers or digital encoders.
- Uses common commercially available parts: field repairable by owner/operator.

- IP68 Dust/Waterproof, can be flown in rain without damage.

Full Service Flight Test and Support

Mass and Drag Simulators
- Hellfire Missile, GBU-58, LAU-61

- Perfect for Flight Test and Static Display

- Aluminum Body with internal mass evenly distributed for exact weight and CG.

- Seeker is high density polycarbonate for durability.

XP Services' YAPS Head

Advanced Multimission Pod (AMP)
- Multipurpose Usage: Tactical Gear, Personal Gear, Survival Gear, Parts/Spares, Ammunition, Tools, Flight-Test Instrumentation.

- Constructed from aerospace grade carbon fiber, epoxy and foam core.